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11 Sep 2009, 21:03
Christopher Roach (7 posts)

Hi Marcus,

I had a question for you concerning the way in which we hook up the Type combo box to our Core Data model. In the little sidebar titled “Linking The Type Entity To The Type NSComboBox” on page 68, you mention that we configure the “Content Values” binding for the combo box. This works just fine, but my question is why not configure the combo box’s “Content” binding instead? I tried configuring it and it worked just fine as well. Is there an advantage to using the “Content Values” binding over the “Content” binding?

Thanks for your help.

13 Sep 2009, 04:24
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

I have done it that way for years. NSComboBox has several solutions depending on the objects you are working with and sometimes multiple solutions will work. There is no benefit to one over the other when both (or several) work.

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