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15 Oct 2009, 19:57
Scott Longberry (1 post)

I have an entity that models assets. These are objects that are not changed by the user and once instantiated, do not change (ie. rooms that may be reserved). A user may put together a list of these assets (ie. Reserving several rooms at one time). If I were simply writing SQL, I would have a separate table (room_reservations) that would acts as a join table between the two tables. However, I am a little confused as to how I would model this in Core Data. Would I create another entity to act as a join table? What would the relationships look like?

Thanks for any pointers,


27 Oct 2009, 00:06
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

Core Data handles many-to-many relationships automatically. Just define the relationship between users and rooms as many to many and Core Data will create the join table under the covers.

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