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12 Nov 2009, 13:33
dan (6 posts)

In setting the array controller bindings under “Content set” as per Figure 2.6 I cannot bind to Recipes and set the Controller Key to “selection” and the Model Key Path to “ingredients”. The only options that I can bind to are AppDelegate, File’s Owner, Font Manager, Shared User Defaults Controller, or Application. Any suggestions?

Snow Leopard 10.6.1 and Xcode 3.2 (1610/1608/1591)

16 Nov 2009, 02:31
dan (6 posts)

Problem Resolved. Since three NSArrayControllers are being configured in this section it would be extremely helpful if the figure caption for Figure 2.6 read “Additional array controller bindings for the RecipeIngredient NSArrayController.” since these settings apply only to that array controller. A more specific caption would eliminate any possibility of misleading the reader. In addition, the placement of Figure 2.6 as part of the section “Adding the NSArray Controller Objects” adds to the possibility of confusion. A much better placement for this figure would be where Figure 2.7 is currently placed – immediately preceding the paragraph describing the additional bindings for this array controller. Figures are supposed to add clarity. In this case this figure has failed due to its inadequate caption and its poor placement in the text.

14 Feb 2010, 15:26
Tom Hudgins (2 posts)

I ran into the same confusion as everyone else thinking that figure 2.6 was matching up with step 5. Readers need to ignore figure 2.6 until they get to setting up the last NSArrayController on the next page.

The thing I think would help would be a bit more explanation of why we are making those additional settings in 2.6 for the RecipeIngredient controller. What does the Content Set section mean? Why are we binding to Recipes? What does Controller Key = “selection” do? What does it mean to set the Model Key Path to ingredients. I basically understand that we are setting up the connection between the recipes and the ingredients but it would help to confirm that (or correct my thinking). As is, this is just “type this in” instructions which don’t cement the “why’s” I need to help me do it on my own next time.

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