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24 Nov 2009, 14:49
John Price (2 posts)

Hi, I am relatively new to objective C, and have bought the printed version of the book to help understand core data.

Unfortunately I am having a problem that, while I can ignore it, will just bug me until i have solved it. It is to do with the Recipe imagePath stuff at the end of chapter 2.

Basically, everything seems to be working (the jpg file gets moved from my desktop to the applicationSupportDirectory and renamed to something like 3AAEEDD…blah blah, and the destPath is persisted) however the application keeps giving me the following error in my log, and I know I must be missing something or doing something wrong.

“NSImageCell’s object value must be an NSImage”

I have tried binding the imagePath model key path to the Image view, and the Image Cell but they both produce the same error. I think there must be a problem that it is trying to load up a String instead of an image, but do not know how to convert them.

The image that gets copied doesn’t end up with a file extenstion, is that a problem?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



25 Nov 2009, 01:55
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

I suspect in your image well preferences/settings that you are binding the “Value” instead of the “Value Path”. Change that and everything should work as expected.

25 Nov 2009, 09:03
John Price (2 posts)

ahh, ok great, thanks.

I will try that when I get home, and if there is any problem still then I will post back. Posting images to show the solution is a great idea :)

Thanks again


11 Dec 2009, 21:16
John Williams (1 post)

Well, that was certainly the problem I was having. Thanks, Marcus (and John for asking!).

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