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08 Jan 2010, 14:48
Jesse Rogers (2 posts)

I’m experiencing a weird problem. The sample recipe application, while letting me save ingredients, authors, recipes etc, it won’t let me save a recipe ingredient or the description. The combo boxes for ingredient and unit appear to work, but on selection they stay blank. On closing I then get “multiple validation errors” but nothing in the console. Any ideas?

09 Jan 2010, 01:26
Jesse Rogers (2 posts)

Further, I’m using snow leopard and v3 of the recipes application.

11 Jan 2010, 01:17
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

put a break point in objc_exception_throw and then unroll the error that is being generated on exit. That will tell you what is going on inside of Core Data. Optionally you can download the sample code from here and compare it to your copy.

24 Feb 2010, 09:59
Tony Langdon (2 posts)

I have just noticed the same problem with Leopard. I have ‘fixed’ it by changing the NSComboBoxCell to NSPopUpButtonCell. For the Ingredient column I bound the following * Content - Ingredients.arrangedObjects * ContentValues - * SelectedObject - Recipe Ingredients.arrangedObjects.ingredient

and similar bindings for the Units column. I was surprised when I saw the combo box bindings with the value set to, I couldn’t see how that would work.

Anyway I realise this is an oldish topic but it may help someone else who ends up here.

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