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08 Mar 2010, 22:19
Fernando Portela (4 posts)


I have been reading about Core Data recently and I just got your Core Data book. I am still unsure of what direction to go with my present project. I am developing an application for the iphone/ipad that will use data coming from a rest style web service. I will not be doing caching locally at this stage so the app will call the web service each time it needs data.

I am now trying to decide between the following paths for designing my model classes:

1) Use a standard class (ex. Questionnaire) with a NSDictionary to hold an instances of my “model” class (ex. question)

2)Use Core Data without persistence using In Memory (data will be refreshed every time from the web service)

Eventually I will be caching some data locally in SQL Lite so I will probably use Core Data then, but I wonder if initially it is the correct choice for the data that won’t be persisted.

I will appreciate any advice,

Thank you in advance,


09 Mar 2010, 12:55
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

I would suggest using Core Data with an In Memory store as it will give you experience with Core Data and make it easier to port things over when you want to start storing them locally. In addition, Core Data is very memory efficient compared to coding it on your own.

09 Mar 2010, 15:35
Fernando Portela (4 posts)

Thank you Marcus for your quick reply. I will definitely go in that direction. Fernando

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