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10 Mar 2010, 04:46
Fernando Portela (4 posts)


I am working on an iphone application that will be storing the data remotely on a SQL Server database. The communication between the iphone app and the database will be through a Rest style web service using Json format. I am going to be using Core Data so I need to be able to convert back and forth between Core Data entities and a Json strings. I have seen a couple of examples in the internet of the conversion from Core Data to Json but not the other way around.

What is the best/proper way to convert a Json string to a Core Data entity?

Any advice, examples or links to sample code will be greatly appreciated,


10 Mar 2010, 05:08
Fernando Portela (4 posts)

Found it!

After looking closer at an example I had found I was able to tell that it does indeed convert from json to core data. here is the link to the sample code:

24 May 2011, 09:01
François Téchené (1 post)

There is a lib that does JSON to CoreData conversion :

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