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14 Mar 2010, 13:14
Stefán Kristjánsson (1 post)


Just downloaded the source code, three projects do not compile (xCode 3.1.4 system 10.5.8). These are ProgressiveMigration, SyncServices and Spotlight. In the two first ones the same two errors stand in the way. In v1_to_v2.xcmappingmodel the following changes must be done:

Add 2 Entity Mappings Source: RecipeIngredients Destination: Recipe, Property Mapping: name Value expression $ Source: RecipeIngredients Destination: unitOfMeasure, Property Mapping: name Value expression $

Remove the offending lines in the property mapping in Entity mapping no 4.

These two errors also plague Spotlight in addition to an error in AppDelegate.m at line 259. There for(NSString *filename in updatedObjects) {

should be changed to

for (NSManagedObject *object in updatedObjects) {

then these project compile.

15 Mar 2010, 06:40
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

Yes, I am aware there are some issues with those two sample projects as mentioned in another recent thread. They are going to be updated shortly.

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