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27 Apr 2010, 02:20
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)

I need to integrate medical Read Codes into my core data application, and expect I will provide the data list as a combo box. The data runs to around 60,000 entries with 7 fields each. I had thought I would fix the problem with an eye to integrating the utility into the application if I can make it generic enough. I’m looking at these solutions:

Drew McCormack - Michael Stapelberg - Marcus Zarra -

1) I’m keen to hear of other tutorials. 2) The size of this data isn’t much in SQL terms, but are there issues I should be aware of in Cocoa, Core Data and in presenting this list, please?

28 Apr 2010, 05:25
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)

See also:

28 Apr 2010, 14:04
Greg Robertson (21 posts)

I modified the one by Drew McCormack which works well, had some memory overflow issues loading more than 15k entries at a time but like you I have about 90k so I just load them manually in 15k record chunks.

All you need to do is loop through each item and then any relationships you can set as an NSSet or set individually for each record if there is a reverse relationship.


29 Apr 2010, 06:44
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)

Thanks for your reply, Greg.

I used Marcus’ in the end, and have hacked it into a rather shonky utility class in the application. Thanks Marcus!

I was concerned about UI loading issues, but as you imply, it’s all fairly straightforward and Cocoa/Core Data seems to be taking care of appropriately loading the mass of data behind the view.

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