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01 Jul 2010, 17:06
Joshua Tharp (3 posts)

In section 4.4 the sample code is pulling the initial combo box values from the info.plist file. However, I can’t find anywhere in the book a description of what needs to be added to info.plist for this code to work, nor even mention that one should add items to info.plist. I realize the latter is somewhat obvious as not all applications need a list of recipe types, however I did overlook this simple fact on my first read through this section. Is this an oversight or an assumption that all readers will already know how to do this?

In my case, I’m not clear what exactly needs to be added for this code snippet to work properly. Could I get some hints?


01 Jul 2010, 17:17
Joshua Tharp (3 posts)

OK, so I may have posted my question a bit prematurely, but perhaps this will help someone else.

  1. Open the file Info.plist
  2. Right-click on the last row in the table
  3. Select “Add Row”
  4. Enter the name “RecipeType”
  5. Right-click on the new row
  6. Value Type -> Array
  7. Twist the arrow on the left of the new row
  8. Click the button on the far-right to add a new array value
  9. Type the value “Appetizer”
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for these additional values: Salad, Soup, Dessert, Fish, Entree, Meat, and Cheese

Hope this helps someone else.

03 Sep 2010, 14:30
Cliff White (2 posts)

Joshua, The same thing happened to me! I searched the entire PDF (using Skim) for ‘RecipeType’. The ONLY mention of it was in the sample code on page 65. I had to look at the source.

I think it would be clearer to state that the reader must now create the entry in the plist. Still, I wish I had bought this book sooner!

Your post set me on the right path. Thanks!

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