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02 Jul 2010, 19:47
Xan21 (2 posts)

When I began working with this book I started making Grokking Recipes. I created the AppDelegate as described (because when i make a new core data project AppDelegate does not exist). NSObject

To add the AppDelegate to the xib file, follow these steps: 1. Find the NSObject in the library palette, and drag it to the xib’s window. 2. Click the name of the NSObject, and when it is editable, change it to AppDelegate. 3. Go to the Identity tab on the Inspector palette, and change the class of the object from NSObject to AppDelegate. 4. Right-drag from the application to the AppDelegate object, and select Delegate.

All fine and dandy, right? no. When i go to build and run it doesnt run. I have to change my AppDelegate from class “AppDelegate” to “MyDocument” to get it working. However i feel like this is not a correct fix because my MyDocument.h comes as pretty much blank.

@interface MyDocument : NSPersistentDocument { }


While the sample code from this site has a AppDelegate.h filled with stuff. Please help. Has Xcode changed that much since this book came out?

03 Jul 2010, 13:41
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

Sounds like you started your project as a Document based project which is not the path the book took. That alone will cause the differences you are seeing.

As for changes in Xcode, no it has not changed that much since the book was published. Xcode 3.2.3, which is the latest public release, is visually identical to the release that was used during the publication of the book.

05 Jul 2010, 03:11
Xan21 (2 posts)

Ok so i was the crazy one! thanks. I was under the impression you can only make a core data if its a document based app… guess u can just check Core Data.

Love your book and its exactly what i need to design the program im working on. (Just picked up the hard copy now so i can hold it in my hands lol)

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