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30 Sep 2010, 23:26
Athanassios Diacakis (1 post)


I’ve implemented a progressive migration, along the lines of what has been described in the book, and I am getting the following problem:

In the loop where you try to find the mapping model, it picks up (if you temporarily tweak the code) two models. One that goes from version N to N, and another one that goes from N to N+1. The former comes first (and breaks out of the for loop), the migration to the same version successfully finishes, and then the recursion continues until the stack overflows.

The documentation of mappingModelFromBundles is very light, so I am unclear why I get back a mapping model that maps to the existing version. Maybe it thinks that is a plausible migration, or I have messed something else up.

Does this ring any bells?



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