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19 Jan 2011, 00:40
Ashley James Hughes (1 post)


I have a problem with save files on one of my projects that I have been working on at the moment. The program will save if there is only one ‘Part’. If I add more than one then I get a ‘Multiple validation errors occurred.’ and the console spits out

2011-01-19 11:35:37.876 ToolBox[4603:a0f] AppKit called rmdir(“/private/var/folders/WM/WMbKfD+mGu4hiewf2Q4DYk+++TI/TemporaryItems/(A Document Being Saved By ToolBox)”), it didn’t return 0, and errno was set to 66.

I have done a bit of research but being new to core data all I could work out is that it’s a non empty directory error when it’s trying to remove the temp file.

I have posted my code if you wanna look through it, not complete at the moment.

any help would be greatly appreicated


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