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09 Jul 2011, 18:31
Joel Norvell (1 post)

Hi Marcus and Forum People,

I just began reading Core Data and decided to build the example projects that come with the book.

The good news is that a number of them – the essential ones – do build and run :-)

But six of them have issues. I’ll probably be OK without them, but I thought it might be useful to post this.

Marcus, I realize that you probably isn’t getting rich from this and also have other things to do, so please don’t take this as “No good deed goes unpunished”!

Sincerely, Joel Norvell

CDPreferences Builds 2 Warnings, Runs, But doesn’t do anything. DistributedCDClient Builds, Runs DistributedCDServer Builds, Runs GrokkingRecipes_v1 Builds, Runs GrokkingRecipes_v2 Builds, Runs GrokkingRecipes_v3 Builds, Runs MultiThreading Builds, Runs, GDB Interrupted Progressive Migration Builds, Runs, GDB Interrupted RecipeCT Build Failed 1 error Spotlight Builds, Runs, GDB Interrupted SyncServices Build Failed 2 errors

Developer Information:

Version: 3.2 (10M2518) Location: /Developer Applications: Xcode: 3.2.6 (1761) Interface Builder: 3.2.6 (851) Instruments: 2.7 (3017) Dashcode: 3.0.2 (333) SDKs: Mac OS X: 10.4: (8S2167) 10.5: (9L31a) 10.6: (10M2518) iPhone OS: 4.3: (8F191m) iPhone Simulator: 3.2: (7W367a) 4.0: (8A400) 4.1: (8B117) 4.2: (8C134) 4.3: (8F192)

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