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02 Aug 2011, 20:51
William L. Chapman (2 posts)

First off, let me say I love the Core Data book. The back-and-forth between examples, code and explanations of the core data concepts seems optimum, at least to this learner.

While playing around with the Grokking Recipes example, I tried dragging an NSTableCellView onto the recipe list table in the upper-right of the application. The new NSTableCellViews have built-in textfields and imageViews. It should be a relatively easy process to bind the textfield and the imageView of the NSTableCellView to the appropriate model to get a TableView that has the recipe image and title. It is proving more difficult than I thought.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

drag an NSTableCellView onto the TableView bind the TableView’s content to Recipes with the arrangedObject controller key. bind the textView value in the NSTableCellView to the TableCellView using the model key path bind the imageView valuePath in the NSTableCellView to the TableCellView using the model key path objectValue.imagePath

This doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone see what I’ve missed?


16 Aug 2011, 19:56
Andre from SpicyApps (2 posts)

Hi William,

I’ve worked with NSTableCellView too. Your description seems pretty much complete.

Have you set all identifiers to automatic ?

Here is a working modified version of GrokkingRecipes_v2 with NSTableCellView.

Andrew from Spicy Apps

29 Aug 2011, 10:42
Maurice Kelly (1 post)

Thanks Andre,

Your line “Have you set all identifiers to automatics?” was exactly what I needed to check in my own project.

Many thanks,


14 Sep 2011, 17:04
Andre from SpicyApps (2 posts)

Hello all NSTableCellView users,

I put up a screencast about this:

  • Describes how to bind a NSTableCellView in a Core Data Application using Xcode 4.1.
  • No code writing involved.
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