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14 Nov 2011, 21:22
Erik Meißner (2 posts)

I tried to transfer the example from chapter 9 to a document based application. My setup starts from the “Cocoa Application” template with “Use Core Data” and “Create Document-Based Application” checked.

The application contains a very simple MOM and imports a larger dataset. The import updates in the UI via bindings. Everything is fine, but the UI is not responsive (and i did’t expect it would be responsive).

Now i create a NSOperation to perform the import in the background with its own MOC. And here it comes: Merging takes not place because an exception is thrown:

2011-11-14 22:12:59.950 CoreDataTest[21596:5d03] An uncaught exception was raised 2011-11-14 22:13:00.070 CoreDataTest[21596:5d03] This NSPersistentStoreCoordinator has no persistent stores. It cannot perform a save operation. [Switching to process 21596 thread 0x903] 2011-11-14 22:13:03.093 CoreDataTest[21596:5d03] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘This NSPersistentStoreCoordinator has no persistent stores. It cannot perform a save operation.’ terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘NSException’ warning: Attempting to create USE_BLOCK_IN_FRAME variable with block that isn’t in the frame.

I think that i have to add a persistent store to the coordinator, but i want to do it with the following constraints:

  • a new document has no file associated
  • a new document is not “dirty”
  • while importing data the UI is updated regularly via bindings
  • after importing data the document is dirty and has no file associated on disk
  • after clicking “Save…” the file chooser rises and the user can choose a filename and location
  • after saving the document to the new location the document is clean again

What do you think is the correct design pattern for this kind of application?

11 Dec 2011, 20:49
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

If you are targeting Lion then I would suggest using a Parent/Child context configuration.

If you are targeting an older OS then I would suggest either:

A) Adding an in-memory store for the import and then copying to the on disk store after the import (messy) B) Saving to a temporary location and then changing the save routine to check if it is a temporary storage and then forcing a save-as

I prefer B.

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