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28 Aug 2009, 09:01
Joseph ROUFF (1 post)


I bought the “passionnate programmer” book yesterday. It looks like very interesting.

I finished the chapter 1 called “Lead or Bleed”, but i don’t understand very well the Act on it Section for this chapter ?

When the author says to make a list of technologies based on today’s market. How could we know the exact reality of today’s market ? Can i based me on my own perception of the market (which is certainly inaccurate) or by a third party reference, and if yes which one ?

Sorry if my question is a little stupid but i’m not a native english speaker. Can you help me, Please.


11 Sep 2009, 20:06
Chad Fowler (12 posts)

Hi Joseph!

You have it right. The idea is to base this exercise on your own perception of where the market is and to hopefully stretch your understanding of where the market is heading and how you will fit in.

Here is one reader’s example, which I thought was great


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