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08 Sep 2012, 19:17
Albert Yu (3 posts)

P.68 5.3

I can understand in RSpec, we fake an @output@ object to let it pass, but I don’t understand in the real code:

When @Game@ is initialized, how does it know where is the @output@ come from?

Yes, we made an instance of @Output@ class in step_definitions, but how these two file(@game.rb@ and @codebreaker_steps.rb@) connected with each other? How real code can get the information from the test code when they both not to declare @require@ each other?

In @env.rb@, we indeed required the @codebreaker.rb@ in it, thus I can understand that cucumber should be able to get in touch with the REAL code, but this should be ONE-WAY PATH, isn’t it?

And yes!, I’ve noticed these code below

When /^I start a new game$/ do
  game =

but these code should be a part of TEST and not for the REAL, right? I’m confused :(

I’m new for this, so if I’m stupid, plz forgive, thanks for help.

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