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07 Nov 2012, 09:37
sven roeterdink (1 post)


So im stuck at CH4. I´v copied all code from the example to be sure there wasn´t something wrong with my code.

Is this a problem with the version im using?

Rspec: 2.10.1 Cucumber: 1.2.1 Ruby: 1.9.3p194

rb:26 Then I should see "Welcome to Codebreaker!" # features/step_definitions/codebreaker_steps.rb:31 undefined method include’ for # (NoMethodError) ./features/step_definitions/codebreaker_steps.rb:32:in `/^I should see "([^"]*)"$/' features/codebreaker_starts_game.feature:10:in `Then I should see "Welcome to Codebreaker!"' And I should see "Enter guess:" # features/step_definitions/codebreaker_steps.rb:31

Failing Scenarios: cucumber features/codebreaker_starts_game.feature:7 # Scenario: start game`

Ive looked for ways to downgrade my gems of rspec and cucumber but cant find anything.

What to do :)


26 Feb 2013, 04:52
David Chelimsky (203 posts)

Hi Sven - all the examples work with the versions listed in the preface. Are you familiar with It supports setting up different versions of Ruby and Gemsets with whatever versions you want.

As for why that example is failing, would you mind posting the exact code to either or and putting the link here? Maybe there’s something missing from the code in the book that I’ll be able to see if I can see your example.

And apologies for taking so long to get back. This forum hasn’t been that busy for a while and fell off my radar. I’ll pay more attention now.

Cheers, David