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24 Jun 2009, 03:37
Chad Arimura (1 post)

Hi Everyone,

Ryan, thanks for the great information and screencasts.

Just wanted to mention that I upgraded to Ruby 1.9 and Rails 2.3.2, made a quick change to the LabeledFormBuilder, and it worked great.

To anyone looking to do the same, I believe the following should work:

labeled_form_builder.rb (line 4)


@template.content_tag(:p, field_label(field_name, *args) + "<br />" + field_error(field_name) + super


@template.content_tag(:p, field_label(field_name, *args) + "<br />" + field_error(field_name) + super(field_name,*args))

Cheers, Chad

22 Aug 2010, 10:48
Omer Jakobinsky (1 post)

just a small note. if anyone using rails 3 you should mark "<br />" as "<br />".html_safe as well, otherwise rails will auto escape it.

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