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18 Apr 2010, 20:12
Alfred Nerstu (1 post)

Thanks for a great screen cast!

I’ve implemented the ajax validations and they work fine exept I want to change a couple of things:

  1. In the html version of the validation only the first error message was displayed per field, how do I do that with the ajax validations?

  2. Right now all error messages pop up I would like error message per field the user are working with. I’ve implemented ‘observe_field’ istead of ‘observe_form’ but the validation.rjs.js checks all field anyway, how do I just check the current field? Preferably the overall check that disables the submit button should still be there.

  3. I would like to add a success message if the user has filled in a field correctly like: ‘username is avalible’, ‘email is correct’ and so on. How can I implement that in the validation.rjs.js file?

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