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09 Jul 2014, 15:10
Michael Swaine (5 posts)
(from Fire in the Valley > Kitchen table entrepreneurs)

The early days of the personal computer revolution were crazy, and we feel privileged to have been able to chronicle the events as they were happening. Now the world of technology has moved away from the desktop and the third edition of Fire in the Valley looks back from the perspective of an era that has ended.

Revisiting our book and the stories it tells was enlightening. We made a lot of little changes and added a lot of new material. Doubtless we got some things wrong. Please let us know if you find errors. We’re in beta now, and we want it to be perfect on release.

But also feel free to add your own recollections of this magical era.

24 May 2017, 22:04
Michael Swaine (5 posts)
(from Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology > Welcome!)

Almost all the chapters in this anthology appeared originally as articles in PragPub magazine, although the authors have updated them, in some cases substantially. We’ve published a lot of articles on functional programming in the past eight years, and I selected the articles here to create a book that makes sense on its own. The focus here is on how different languages implement functional ideas, so that meant leaving out a lot of good articles that didn’t quite fit that theme. Depending on interest, I may put together another anthology emphasizing functional programming, but from a different angle.

5 posts