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Björn Jensen

Björn Jensen studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences of Hamburg, Germany and holds a degree in Computer Sciences. He started to work in the IT-Business as a Software Developer in 2000. Since then he gains a lot of experience in different positions inside the software development process like tester, build manager, release manager, configuration manager, project lead and head of development. The size of companies he works for varies from very small scale to very large scale (and strongly distributed). He is founder and leader of the Java User Group Hamburg (JUGHH) and the Android User Group Hamburg. He is also a founding member of the JetBrains Academy of Development. Since his first contact with agile in practice (XP) in the year 2002 he dives deep into agile and introduces agile engineering practices and scrum successfully to several companies.

Today he lives with his wife and his two kids in Hamburg and works as an agile coach and trainer worldwide. Personal main interests cover community related works, design, agile engineering practices, lean and agile thinking, collaboration techniques, coaching and coding Ruby; also a bass guitar player and amateur martial artist.

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